1957-2017: THA Celebrates 60 Years of Design Excellence


Sixty years is a long time, especially for a business. Even more so for an architectural business in Flint, Michigan. And yet, here we are.

Throughout the years, THA has paved the path to excellence. From the early days of 1957, when our founders Jim Tomblinson and Jerry Harburn first combined their talents to create innovative and inspiring schools, churches and residences — to the present days of 2017, where Jeff and Madonna Bennett continue to uphold the same standard of excellence by combining their decades of educational design experience to create a new $90 million dollar high school/middle school for Flint Community Schools.

It has been an exciting journey, utilizing a multitude of talented staff members to routinely satisfy hundreds of quality clients over those 60 years. Through booms and busts, THA Architects Engineers, has excelled at creating unique and inspiring architectural and engineering solutions. And we've done that by not compromising our aesthetic and design principles and striving to ensure that every project receives the benefit of imaginative, yet practical thinking, at the highest quality level.

To our past and present clients, we say thank you for trusting us. To our past and present staff, we say thank you for propelling us. And to Flint and Genesee County, we say thank you for providing 60 years of opportunities to live and work in an environment which fulfills us.