A New Look for THA


After spending the last six years helping our clients to “right-size” their businesses and school districts, THA Architects Engineers has decided it is time to right-size our own business here in Flint, Michigan.

While providing first-rate services to our clients has always been and will always be our top priority, we have found that our top-heavy internal structure was causing us to be less competitive in today’s marketplace. 

Beginning with leadership changes in 2013, involving Madonna Bennett taking over as President, THA has been in the process of planning and implementing an internal restructuring program, which places greater emphasis on balancing project management services with production services. This program highlights our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients, while better positioning ourselves within the competitive marketplace of today’s ever-changing world.

As always, with internal change comes external change. Now that we have simplified our internal workings, we also felt it was a good time to simplify and redirect our external image. We first began to embrace these changes with the redesign of our current logo.


By combining aspects of THA’s past with THA’s present, we have literally stepped out of the box to embark on a new journey with the same ultimate destination—providing exceptional service to our clients. Our new slogan—Relationships Built on Integrity—further emphasizes our focus, goals, and philosophy as a company. With a new website to tie it all together, THA is now in the right position to put our best foot forward as we step into the New Year.

With over 56 years of service, THA remains dedicated to the same principles on which we were founded. With four licensed architects, as well as in-house mechanical and electrical engineers, THA is now the right size to meet all of your project needs. We will continue to service our clients with the same standard of quality you have come to expect from THA and with the New Year upon us, we plan to be more aggressive and cost effective than ever, while continuing THA’s legacy of creative and solution driven design.

We ask that you please bear with us during this process. Please feel free to contact us regarding any errors, inconsistencies, or improvement suggestions you may have. 

Thank you ~ THA Architects Engineers